The Plantagon Membership site will grow with discussion-forums, voting systems, shops, calendars, events, crowd funding projects - i.e. it will be the core of the Plantagon Companization.

For a long time, corporate business models have looked the same. Generating profit has been the main concern. That's thanks to the owners. However, maximizing profit is no longer a single reason for a company to exist.

Our business model is called Companization. We are a hybrid between a for-profit company and a non-profit organization. You give a little, and let us create some super powerful changes!

If you are not a paying member, upgrade now and become an owner. It's a strong statement. When you become an owner, you take a stand. You tell others that you believe in something more than greed.

This might be the only time you can get power in a global company...

... without having to risk lot's of money.

Hey, by the way. Business as usual is over.

The Message - a reminder.

The Reason - act now!

The Companization -  the solution.

This is what we mean with a Value Change for Survival.


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