Annual Meeting

A company is an organization that sells goods or services and that until recently was considered a tool for owners to use to obtain a good return on their investments. Nowadays, there is a change in society’s view of what a company’s role should be and the purely economic perspective is being replaced by a more holistic one. As such, companies and the legislation that governs them need to be renewed. All members of Plantagon International Association has a vote on our annual meeting. Through this you will have a say in how the Association is run – but you will also have a say in how all Plantagon companies are run. This may be the first opportunity to influence a large company from the inside without being an employee, a manager or an investor, but by being socially engaged in supporting its mission.

Any interested physical person who approves of the statutes of Plantagon International Association and actively supports the membership by paying the annual membership fee shall be accepted as member. The number of members in PIA is unlimited. At the Annual General Meeting, each member shall have one vote.

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